Episode 9 - Luis Rodriguez

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Housing Research Matters! Distinguished Speaker Series - Luis Rodriguez , Housing and Urban Planning Consultant


Luis is a housing and urban planning consultant, a Member of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada and a former senior researcher with Policy and Research at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) in Ottawa. During his employment with CMHC, he successfully designed, directed and completed over 60 research studies on a variety of innovations that led to improvements in the quality, affordability and choice of housing and support services for older Canadians and Canadians with disabilities. His work resulted in numerous leading-edge and ground-breaking publications. Luis was particularly successful in promoting and disseminating the results of his research with key organizations, interest groups, older Canadians and Canadians with disabilities, academics, students, members of the housing and support service industries and government officials. He presented at over 160 high profile conferences, symposia and workshops in Canada and internationally and played a key role in establishing Canada's reputation as a leader in matters related to seniors housing.
Luis had a highly distinguished career at CMHC and is highly recognized in Canada and abroad for his excellent work, unique expertise and innovation in seniors housing research. He is currently examining Canada's socio-demographic and economic trends and their potential implications for housing and residential communities (e.g.: cities, towns and villages).

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