Housing Data WG

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The original purpose of the Housing Data Working Group, formed in 1988 as one of the NHRC's original Working Groups, was to identify data needs and sources, especially on renovation expenditures, migration patterns, population characteristics and housing conditions. The Group recognizes the fundamental role played by data in providing a solid foundation for housing policy and research. The Working Group objectives include:

  • to become a forum that gives housing decision-makers the opportunity to learn about what housing data sources exist and how to use them (their strengths and limitations and how to access them)
  • to learn about and comment on new data developments
  • to provide feedback on the usefulness of current research directions
  • to share and learn from each other innovative uses of data and indicators for key housing initiatives including policy and program work
  • to identify data needs, gaps and issues
  • to the extent possible, ensure that standard sets of data are developed so that comparability across jurisdictions and time can be accomplished
  • to identify and document the socio-economic role of housing and its contribution to positive outcomes in areas such as population health, the environment, homelessness and the well-being of all members of society

Current co-chairs of the committee are: Jerry Situ, Statistics Canada, and Sophie Hebert, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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