Housing Related Courses

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This compendium of courses in housing and related fields across Canada has been produced primarily as a resource for students seeking to make housing part of their education, but also for the housing research community's benefit. It is based on recognition of the many links between research and education.

As just a few examples of these links:

  • Housing courses are often developed and offered by housing researchers.
  • They prepare students to do quality research.
  • Textbooks used in educational institutions rely heavily on housing research.
  • Education is a primary means of transferring knowledge gained from housing research.
  • Housing interests explored in courses can initiate life-long housing research career choices.

Please note that the course listing has been updated with information provided through the updating of existing listings and that new input was not solicited.

A Compendium of Housing and Related Courses Offered at Canadian Universities, 2012

Background :

Review and Analysis of Housing-Related Courses Offered at Canadian Universities in 2010 

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