Key References

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Following is a collection of key texts that provide basic information about the housing system in Canada. It constitutes current descriptive documents as well as older texts that provide historical context around the evolution of housing policies and programs in Canada.

Canadian Housing Observer, CMHC 2010 and previous years. These publications provide an overview of the housing situation in Canada on an annual basis and a lot of statistical information. The current edition constitutes a good primer on Canadian housing for the newcomer to the field and the previous editions provide historical information for comparison as well as recent trends and key topics. Each issue also includes a special feature/topic.

Canadian Housing Policies 1935–1980, Albert Rose 1980. Although dated, this book provides a comprehensive analysis of government housing policies and programs over a 45-year period. It thus provides historical information that will give context to understanding more current policies and trends and includes a description and analysis of post war housing policies within political, social and economic contexts, at the national, provincial and local levels of government and analysis of challenges and constraints.
Note: The report is not available electronically. Please contact or 1-800-668-2642

The Canadian Housing System in the 1990's, CMHC 1995. This is a booklet describing how Canadians are housed, the role that the housing sector plays in the economy of the country, the way housing markets operate in Canada, the dynamics of the residential mortgage market, and the respective roles of the private and public sectors in providing for the housing needs.
Note: Also published in French under the title: Le Systéme canadien de logement dans les annues 1990 Note: The report is not available electronically. Please contact or 1-800-668-2642

Inventory of Provincial and Territorial Housing Programs in Canada, Yvon Chouinard and Robert Gagnon, Socite d'habitation du Québec 2007. This is a technical reference document on current housing programs at the provincial/territorial level in Canada.

Home Truths: Why the Housing System Matters to All Canadians, Andrew Jackson (for CCPA and CHRA) 2004. This report documents and critiques the importance of taxation policies to overall federal revenues and spending and the outcomes in terms of housing consumption and income redistribution for Canadians.

Affordable Housing in Canada: In Search of a New Paradigm, TD Economics Special Report 2003, Don Drummond, Derek Burleton and Gillian Manning. This report makes the linkages between the critical role of urban areas in Canada's economy and the importance of affordable housing to the health and well being of Canada's cities and citizens.

Housing Policy for Tomorrow's Cities, J. David Hulchanski for Canadian Policy Research Networks 2002. This is one of a series of papers commissioned by CPRN to examine the challenges facing cities in Canada and the role of the federal government to assist municipalities to meet these challenges. This paper explores the federal role in promoting access to affordable housing in the major urban centres.

Toward a Comprehensive Affordable Housing Strategy for Canada, Steve Pomeroy for Caledon Institute of Social Policy 2001. With the federal government no longer having any longer term programs for affordable housing, this paper provides an overview of the issues and identifies options for a national housing strategy.

Housing is Good Social Policy, Tom Carter and Chesya Pokevychoc for Canadian Policy Research Networks 2004. This discussion provides an analysis of the relationship between housing and social policy and the role of housing and housing policy in making social policy more effective.

Current Housing Research, CMHC Research Report Listings by Subject, Compendium of Research, CMHC Publications Research reports are prepared for CMHC by consultants and academics as well as by CMHC staff. These reports provide information of CMHC's current, ongoing and completed research.

Theses Canada Search. A specialized search of the Theses Canada database linking to hundreds of housing-related theses.

2007 Housing Research Mapping. Who is doing what in the housing research field.

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