On-line Housing Library Resources

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Primary On-line Housing Library Resources

Canadian Housing Information Centre (CHIC)

Société d'habitation du Québec Centre de documentation LOGIS

Canadian Centre for Architecture Library (CCA)

Intergovernmental Committee on Urban and Regional Research (ICURR) - Muniscope Library Collection 

Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Service de documentation et d'information spécialisées (INRS)

Homeless Hub

University and College On-line Libraries

Concordia University CLUES library catalogue

Dalhousie University Libraries

McGill University Library Catalogue

McMaster University Mills Library Catalogue

Mount Allison Libraries Catalogue

Queen's University Library Catalogue

Ryerson University Library & Archives Catalogue

Simon Fraser University Library Catalogue

TriUniversity Group (Guelph, Laurier, Waterloo) Trellis Library Catalogue 

Université de Montréal Catalogue Atrium

Université du Québec Catalogue UQ

Université Laval Bibliothèque

University of British Columbia Library catalogue

University of Calgary Library Catalogue

University of Guelph see TriUniversity Group (Guelph, Laurier, Waterloo) Trellis Library Catalogue

University of Manitoba Bison Library Catalogue

University of Saskatchewan Library Catalogue

University of Toronto Libraries Catalogue

University of Waterloo see TriUniversity Group (Guelph, Laurier, Waterloo) Trellis Library Catalogue

University of Western Ontario Shared Library Catalogue

University of Winnipeg Institute of Urban Studies - Library

York University Library Catalogue


Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Departmental Library

National Research Council (NRC) Canadian Institute of Scientific and Technological Information (CISTI) - CISTI Library Catalogue

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) Library Catalogue

Statistics Canada Library - BiblioCat

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