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Sustainable Housing and Communities Working Group
Sustainable urban development involves planning, operating and managing cities in awareness of the impact human activity can have on the natural environment and human health. Socio-economic conditions, public finances and quality of life are all to be improved through sustainable decision-making. Established in 1999, the original Sustainable Community Planning Working Group helps raise awareness of sustainability-related issues and encourage information exchange and co-operative research for the benefit of the nearly 80 percent of Canadians living in urban areas.

Sustainable, healthy housing requires understanding of the various social, economic and environmental tradeoffs associated with our living environments. Ongoing research and development are needed to produce more efficient and flexible houses, as well as communities that are less energy and resource intensive, capable of responding to current and changing housing needs. The Working Group objectives include:

  • Invite guest speakers to elaborate on research that has been undertaken or underway including tools and best practice examples of sustainable housing and communities
  • Facilitate the exchange of information between Working Group members on the status of each other's work
  • Identify research gaps and issues that have become apparent
  • Identify and document the value of housing to positive health and societal outcomes

Current co-chairs of the Working Group are: Gary Sharp, Canadian Home Builders' Association and Thomas Green, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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