Frequently Asked Questions

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The NHRC's revamped website provides a meeting place for housing researchers in Canada as well as easily accessible and updated information of interest to the housing research comunity.

You need to be a member of the CHRN to post on the Discussion Board.

The NHRC has an established membership--members represent a national organization; federal, provincial or territorial government; or other organization with a constituency which has a significant impact on the national housing scene. However, you can easily monitor the work of the NHRC by joining the live video webcasts of the meeting (details available on this website just before each scheduled meeting date), and viewing the archived videos, the meeting summaries and the presentations  following the meeting.

You can access them by using the top navigation menu (link) "About NHRC"  or by clicking on the image  (link) "I am a NHRC member"

Check out the Terms of use and Privacy Policy found at the bottom of the page

CMHC, established in 1945, is the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, a Crown corporation wholly owned by the federal government.
Through CMHC, the federal government is committed to helping house Canadians across the country at an affordable price. In general terms, CMHC’s mandate, as outlined in the National Housing Act, is "to promote the construction of new houses, the repair and modernization of existing houses, and the improvement of housing and living conditions."

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