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Cities and Environment Unit

Renseignements généraux

Type d'organisation: 
Institution/faculté/département à l’origine de sa fondation: 

Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie University

Année d’établissement: 


Objectifs/pôle d'intérêt/mandat/mission: 

A not-for-profit community planning action and applied research group, associated with the Faculty of Architecture and Planning, assisting urban, rural and First Nation communities in assessing their challenges and opportunities and in developing strategies to address them. The goals of the CEU are to create community plans; generate new knowledge and tools for community design; and inspire communities to become great places to live. The approach is always community-based, locally focused and project-driven.

Associés/partenaires/autres disciplines: 

Community groups, professional institutions, Halifax Regional Municipality and First Nations communities in Atlantic Canada, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Domaines de spécialisation: 

Community-based planning and design

Chercheurs et leur domaine de recherche: 
Director: Frank Palermo
Researchers: Catherine Hefler, Alexis Miller, Mark Nener, Nathan Roth and Ross Soward 
Fields of research: First Nations community planning, on-reserve housing, affordable housing, revitalization, community development, urban design
Students: The Unit seeks to involve graduate students in its projects through work terms, volunteer projects, and part-time positions.

Information sur les personnes-ressources

Adresse municipale: 
Cities and Environment Unit, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie University
5410 Spring Garden Road
Halifax, NS
Adresse postale: 
Cities and Environment Unit, Faculty of Architecture and Planning, Dalhousie University
P.O. Box 15000
5257 Morris Street
Halifax, NS B3H 4R2
Numéro de téléphone principal: 

(902) 494-3926

Numéro de télécopieur principal: 

(902) 423-6672

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