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Design Centre for Sustainability

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School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, University of British Columbia

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Objectifs/pôle d'intérêt/mandat/mission: 

The Mission of the DCS is: "To be a centre for excellence in the design of sustainable natural and built environments".

The DCS provides an interdisciplinary research umbrella which fosters and supports the development, synthesis, and dissemination of innovative, world-class research related to sustainable built and natural environments. Through the lens of collaborative design, the DCS undertakes, encourages, and applies leading-edge holistic and synergistic approaches to sustainability.

Among the unique strengths of the DCS is its integration of academically based research and teaching expertise with practical application in real world projects. This integration of knowledge and application is founded on the innovative, intensively visual, highly interactive pedagogical models and methods customary to design education.

  • to create a centre for excellence in sustainable design education at UBC, across Canada, and around the world;
  • to foster leading-edge research related to all areas and scales of sustainable landscapes and buildings;
  • to maximize the dissemination and uptake of this research and information ;
  • to create a bridge between academic research and the practical
    world, advancing sustainability theory and practice in all areas of the
    design profession;
  • to integrate and deliver multi-disciplinary sustainability research across different faculties and schools;
  • to reach out to communities, assisting  in translating sustainability into policy, planning and design
Associés/partenaires/autres disciplines: 

Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning, Faculty of Forestry

Agences/organismes de financement: 

BC Ministry of the Environment, BC Ministry of Community Services, CMHC, NRCan, Real Estate Foundation, Metro Vancouver, Lincoln Institute for Land Policy (US), SmartGrowth BC, Environment Canada

Domaines de spécialisation: 

-Applying sustainability concepts to the development of land,
cities, and community; shifting community-based planning and design
toward an on-going consideration of sustainability as a matter of
course rather than exception.

- The DCS has a strong reputation for
facilitating collaborative stakeholder-driven processes that give form
to more sustainable forms of development (“charrettes”).

- Achieving sustainability requires the
development, application and testing of integrative and holistic
planning, management and design knowledge. The DCS supports the
development of scholarly applications among a community of researchers
within and outside the University, and identifies important areas of
study for future research.

- As urban planning and design problems have become more
complex, and the level of public consultation and participation has
become greater, the tools of planning and design have also become more
complex and sophisticated.  Among the most effective have
been those that are able to link criteria and measures of environmental
performance to participatory planning processes and to the full range
of spatial scales at which planning policies are established and
implemented.  The DCS integrates technological innovation
and interactive research through providing a tool development and
decision support arena to stimulate and support continuing innovation
for the planning and design of sustainable communities.


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Autres activités: 

Research related to the link between urban form and carbon
Green buildings within a sustainable community

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Executive Director: Elisa Campbell
Academic Director: Professor Ray Cole

Faculty participants: Professors Ray Cole, Cynthia Girling, Patrick Condon, Ron Kellett, Stephen Sheppard, Doug Paterson, Daniel Roehr

Fields of Research: land use planning, urban sprawl, smart growth, urban sustainability, green buildings, carbon, green streets, green roofs / living walls, brownfield development, stormwater management

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Design Centre for Sustainability, University of British Columbia
394-2357 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
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Design Centre for Sustainability, University of British Columbia
394-2357 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4
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(604) 822-5148

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(604) 822-2184

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Adresses courriel: (Racheal Cabrera, Office Coordinator) (Elisa Campbell, Executive Director)

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