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Faculty of Environmental Design

Renseignements généraux

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Institution/faculté/département à l’origine de sa fondation: 

University of Calgary

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Objectifs/pôle d'intérêt/mandat/mission: 

The Faculty of Environmental Design (EVDS) was founded on an overarching commitment to the integration of design, ecology and culture in the making and managing of meaningful and functional human and bio-social environments. EVDS, as a non-departmental faculty, originally housed programs in Architecture, Environmental Science and Urbanism. The intention of such a faculty was to meet increasing demands on the professions, and on the natural and built environments, through an interdisciplinary approach to education, training and research. Over the past four decades, the faculty has evolved in response to various cultural, economic and environmental changes, and program offerings have attempted to address the related challenges.

Associés/partenaires/autres disciplines: 

Co operative research and professional education ventures with governments, the private sector, professional associations and local communities.

Agences/organismes de financement: 

SSHRC, NSERC, CIHR, public and private organizations

Domaines de spécialisation: 

Architecture, urban design, urban planning, regional planning, landscape architecture, cultural landscapes, public realm design, wildlife and resource management, computer graphics and visual simulation, environmental modeling, sustainable development, community planning, international development, product design, transportation planning, building science, health and the built environment, design history and theory

Autres activités: 
makeCalgary: a community based research platform in EVDS that brings together faculty researchers, graduate students, industry professionals, and community partners to help design a bright future for Canada’s most enterprising city 
The EVDS Urban Lab: a research group dealing with urban design, community planning, and urban development issues. Established in 2000, the Urban Lab is an ongoing experiment in education, research and outreach, and is an example of university - community collaboration involving faculty, students and the public.
Chercheurs et leur domaine de recherche: 
Dean: Dr. Nancy Pollock-Ellwand (heritage conservation, cultural landscapes, landscape architecture, sustainable urban design)
Associate Dean (Academic) Environmental Design + Planning: Dr. Beverly Sandalack (urban design, landscape architecture, health and the built environment, cultural landscapes) 
Associate Dean (Academic) Architecture: Dr. David Monteyne (architectural history and theory, building security, Canadian architecture and cities, immigration, public space)
Associate Dean (Research and International): Prof John Brown (housing, slow design, suburbia)
Dr. Branko Kolarevic (digital fabrication, integrative design)
Prof. Tang Lee (building envelope, building materials, energy efficiency, healthy buildings, solar energy)
Dr. Richard Levy (urban planning, digital design, virtual reality)
Dr. Graham Livesey (architectural design, urban design, architectural history and theory, modern architecture in Canada, urban ecology)
Dr. Brian Sinclair (agile architecture, informal settlement, open building, urban studies)
Dr. Sasha Tsenkova (cities, comparative housing policy, sustainable cities)
Dr. Mary-Ellen Tyler (urban ecology, environmental planning)
Prof. Marc Boutin (architectural design, critical practice)
Dr. Greg Morrow (urban design, planning history and theory, sustainable cities)
Dr. Larissa Muller (economic development, urbanization in China) 
Dr. Noel Keough (citizen engagement, social justice)
Prof. Mark Lindquist (landscape architecture, urban design)
Francisco Alaniz Uribe (architectural design, land-use planning, sustainable urban design, health and the built environment)
Kaarin Piegaze Lindquist (architecture and aging in place, health and the built environment)
Programmes offerts: 
Master of Architecture (MARCH), 
Master of Environmental Design (MEDES) Thesis,
Master of Planning (MPLAN),
Ph.D. in Environmental Design

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Faculty of Environmental Design, Professional Faculties Building, University of Calgary
Room 2182
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
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Faculty of Environmental Design, Professional Faculties Building, University of Calgary
Room 2182
2500 University Drive NW
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
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(403) 220-6601

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(403) 284-4399

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