University of Saskatchewan

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Nom du carrefour de recherche: 

Department of Geography and Planning

Renseignements généraux

Type d'organisation: 
Institution/faculté/département à l’origine de sa fondation: 

College of Arts and Science, University of Saskatchewan

Objectifs/pôle d'intérêt/mandat/mission: 

The undergraduate program of the Department of Geography & Planning includes a B.A. in Regional & Urban Planning. The goals of the RUP Program are (1) to prepare graduates to step into the current state of planning practice with the disciplinary knowledge needed to meet the demand of public and private sector employers for competent and creative community planners and (2) to educate students who are prepared to challenge the current state of planning practice and bring their interdisciplinary education and critical thinking skills to bear on a profession that needs to continuously improve the quality of public and private development decisions affecting our environment and society.

Associés/partenaires/autres disciplines: 

School of Environment and Sustainability

Domaines de spécialisation: 
Undergraduate: Regional and Urban Planning program, environment and resources, hydrology, GIS and remote sensing, cultural studies and interdisciplinary programs, impact assessment
Graduate: hydrology, environment and natural resources, Indigenous Peoples, health, and water resources planning
Chercheurs et leur domaine de recherche: 
Head of Department of Geography and Planning: Dirk de Boer
Professors and Fields of Research:
A. Aitken - northern environments; marine biology; geoarchaeology
A. Akkerman – planning & development, urban habitat
O.W. Archibold - biogeography
S. Bell – behavioural & cognitive geography, GIS
D. de Boer – erosion models, hydrology
J. Gunn – regional & urban development, environmental assessment
X. Guo – remote sensing, grassland ecology, climate change
P. Hackett – history of aboriginal health, 
B. Noble – implications of resource dev., environmental assessment
R. Patrick – water policy & governance, regional and urban planning, urban water issues
J. Pomeroy – cold & semi-arid region hydrology, mountain hydrology
R. Walker – urban design, indigeneity & urban geography
C. Westbrook – ecohydrology, groundwater-surface water interactions
Programmes offerts: 

B.A., BASC, B.Sc., M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Information sur les personnes-ressources

Adresse municipale: 
Department of Geography and Planning, University of Saskatchewan
Room 125 Kirk Hall
117 Science Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5C8
Adresse postale: 
Department of Geography and Planning, University of Saskatchewan
Room 125 Kirk Hall
117 Science Place
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5C8
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(306) 966-5654

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(306) 966-5680

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